Yaya’s Modeling Photoshoots

CosLenses Contacts

A few months ago I was approached by the contact company CosLenses, who specialize in prescription and non prescription strength Circle lens contacts. For those unfamiliar with Circle lenses, they are a fairly new type of contacts that make your eyes look bigger, and it's all the rage over in Japan, Hong Kong and other Asian countries.

CosLenses kindly sent me a few pairs of contacts to try out and in return I did some modeling for them. Here are the shots, as you can see, the contacts really enhanced my eyes! But because they do make your eyes appear larger, I noticed that you have to wear heavier makeup to off-set the contacts and balance them out. They are really great for cosplay and photoshoots!

To get your own pair of CosLenses Circle lens contacts, go to their website: http://coslensescatalogue.blogspot.com

Photographer Brian Boling

Model Yaya Han

Hair & Makeup Yaya Han