Yaya’s Modeling Photoshoots

Mad Max Inspired

Taken back in March 2007, the concept of this shoot is a tribute to the movie series of "Mad Max". I totally love the world of Mad Max, especially "Beyond The Thunder Dome"!
The costume was designed and created by me, between altering pieces from my wardrobe, making accessories like the shoulder pad and feather/leather hair pieces, and throwing props on to my body last minute, like the gas mask and grappling hook.
The makeup is a scary but still glamorous look (I am wearing a white out contact in my right eye, but you can't see it that well in this shot). It's like, you're surviving in a desolate savage world, but still gotta look good. Lol.

Photographer Brian Boling

Model Yaya Han

Hair & Makeup Yaya Han

Styling Yaya Han

Location Las Vegas, NV

Date Completed 14 March, 2007